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      Numerous novelties for 2018 starting with the range of materials that are enriched with metal, in fact, those who follow us for some time knows that our company is able to offer doors made with different materials such as laminated, veneered, glass, matt and glossy lacquered , cement and, starting from this year, the doors in metal or industrial design finishes.


      Also available for metal finishing are two lines: metal laminated door (mod. Metal) and door with metallic paint (Ferro-type); both models reach the already full range of colors and materials making the compositions more and more elegant and exclusive as well as always a step ahead at all!



      In the lacquered colors, the appearance of three new colors: Avocado, Oliva and Ginger is 20 tones for four types of different doors (80 possible ante in opaque lacquer)!


      Metal design, however, seems to be the master of the coming months, and it is true that there are also tops, hips, and covers available, including new, really nice 3D print finishes.


      As for the technical solutions, we have seen the introduction of new metal shelves, always in metal, with sliding doors in addition to the innovative QANTO corner, which allows you to take advantage of the dead corner of your kitchen in a practical tray that it rises electrically and shows inside the appliances we have always wanted to hide. This accessory is also really innovative because the track that holds the top floor features a power outlet through which you can power the "bottom floor" electrical appliance.



      LED LKT LKKLed lighting is the only choice now available so it is true that we find it protagonist both inside the wall lights with vertical lights or inside the base of the wall light illuminating, so not just the niche between the base and the ceiling but also the inside, and finally the middle middle of the bases can be illuminated (the throat under the top could be illuminated for a couple of years).GOLA LED


      The list of news is long and as always there is only one way to find out all, just fix an appointment to come and find you anticipate only that this year has started a new partnership with Samsung the big giant of electronics worldwide!

      But before we leave you, we show you a new technical solution that we enjoyed very much with regard to work plans and induction hobs that thanks to innovation become one thing.


      For those who are looking for mixed aesthetic perfection to the utmost convenience we propose a ceramic (resistant to stains, scratches and high temperatures) with integrated induction hob. As you can see from the video side by side, the top shows only the small signs that indicate where to place the pots and keys, strictly touch, to handle the firing. Electromagnetic coils are placed under the ceramic floor allowing cooking without electromagnetic contact with the pot. We guarantee you that using such a solution will give you feelings never experienced before and give you the feeling of being able to control the fire!


      It is superfluous to point out that such a solution is very burdensome, at least for the time being, and that it will be an object destined for a few lucky people who will be able to afford such an investment at least until we hope soon, the price is more affordable.


      For the moment it's all but we invite you to come and visit us to see all the news that we are ready for you.


      We are waiting for you !!!