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Our company "ESSENZA NEL DESIGN" was born in 2004 in Lentate sul Seveso (MB) with the belief that we can offer on the market an alternative to the usual kitchens "all the same in shapes and finishes"; In short we were looking for "innovative kitchens" .....

..... From here the choice of company name reflects what we are, in fact, "Essenza nel Design" can take on different meanings but the concepts that most of us all identify are two: "Essence" as "kind of wood, Wood fragrance "and hence the idea of ​​quality in Design, while, secondly, the word" Essence "is essential and, therefore, superfluous but only what is really necessary, therefore" the essence in Design " Without major compromises with too much design and unhelpful solutions.

Certain of these reasons we have chosen on the German market, a market that has always distinguished itself as a synonym for quality, reliability and precision, the brand Nolte Küchen. The company on the market for more than 50 years is attentive to the trends, the changes, the demands of the market, but especially every year invests a great deal of your energies in the field of quality, precision and reliability, thus offering a product "Made in Germany "To the highest quality levels with great load capacity, versatility, a product that is very easy to propose to the private person for its remarkable simplicity in planning and customization always possible, a very sought after end user.
Initially, it was thought that we would only be present on the market as wholesalers, but in January 2007 after numerous requests for private supplies we also started to retail. We are a young team, ready to grow with time, but above all to the needs of ours. Customers, in fact, we carefully choose the suppliers to collaborate to always offer the best in furnishing home according to the taste of our customers.

Although the Italian market initially demonstrated a distrust of a foreign product, we soon found the right solution by offering the German brand with Italian design. So we began to point out finishes, and typical combinations of Italian taste and it was ... useless to say it .... A SUCCESS !!!
We are also sensitive to the choice of home appliance, so it is definitely great performance, but with reduced consumption; With easy and flexible technologies, high power but also elegance and practicality. The essence in design is so sure that we can meet the needs of every customer attentive to all these values, who are delighted to be able to show you ours. showroom. We assist the customer in the right choice by creating a project in less than 2 hours together with 3D vision through the use of virtual reality and the use of a variety of increasingly diverse and increasingly diverse materials and solutions.

We would like to emphasize, that the realization of the budget at our Showroom is completely free as well as any eventual survey service with measurements (mandatory for those who become our customer)
We conclude with the slogan of Mr. Totaro Stefano, the owner of the company: "I DO NOT ALLOW THE PROJECTS ... BUT WE USE ALL DAYS"
Since 2011, the company has partnered with nationally renowned characters such as the beautiful and good-natured Benedetta Parodi and eclectic and extravagant Simone Rugiati.
These collaborations have been the launch pad for getting to know German quality and the Italian taste that Essenza in Design shows in projects and accomplishments every day.
Collaborations between ours. Company and chef who are distinguished not only because of their originality, but above all for their skill in cooking continue today, in fact, thanks to the events we make periodically we can give added value to ours. Customers and visitors.